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Take stock — count your blessings


I think that the most blessed thing about taking stock of one’s life at the close of every season or phase is the fact that one is actually alive (whether well or ill) to do so. And what’s even more wonderful is when one is alive, well and strong to take stock. That is my story. I am alive well and strong to take stock of my life here and now.

So for that I am thankful. Full of gratitude. Too grateful to God for his rich abundant grace and mercy made available to me so that I am of significance to first myself, next to my family and ultimately to my generation. At the beginning of the year, I got a word from God and that was precisely on the 3rd of January. He said to me; this is your year of being fruitful!

It was a beautiful reassuring word from a Father to His daughter. I remember singing and rejoicing in the moment of revelation. I believed it and I received it. And then I had it. I’ve had an amazingly fruitful year. My life has blossomed, like a garden in bloom. And most importantly, my life has budded with flowering that last.

I’ve gone from having no seed to becoming a seed-bearing plant. From insignificance to distinction. From bleak to shinning. From charmless to charming. From discontent to contentment. From frailty to amazing. From grass to grace. From seed in the dirt to a garden in bloom.

Will you now take stock as well or will you simply let this season/phase of your life come to a close like a giant door creaking slowly to make a final click-clack-bang. Without any ceremony whatsoever. Or would you be bold enough to count your blessings and see that the Lord has been good indeed.

Count the good and be thankful too for the seemingly bad and sad occurrences as well. For both the good and the bad were designed to work together so as to give you a reason to be grateful.

Psalm 103:2
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: – KJV

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