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Welcome to God's Citadel, Your Citadel, My Citadel and Our Citadel.

A City set on a hill and that cannot be hidden where stars are born and great futures are created.

Welcome to the home of consummate and conscientious nation builders whose hearts are open to the plans of the Holy Spirit, and in whose lives all things godly are possible because we choose to win by righteousness.

We are a people sent to the nations, governments and powers of the earth as the voice of reason, possibilities and hope. 

We are the instrumentality of catalysing change and centralising God in the governance of nations. 

We are men and women, boys and girls, who love God, love people, serve God and serve people. We always seek to give hope and to be at the forefront of driving change both spiritually and governmentally. 

We exist primarily as a fully functional church, and conceptually as a governmental force for change, good governance and leadership.


To grow up


To grow big


To grow very rich


To grow together


Be at the forefront of driving change spiritually & governmentally.






This represents the lifeboats of our community, where members gather across the state in an atmosphere of love at different home centres to pray together, encourage one another, care for one another and share God's word within the vicinity of the home centres.

Church-in-the-Community (Congregation)

This represents our members and other congregants who attend our in-person worship services, where wholesome worship is offered to God, acceptable service is rendered to one another in an atmosphere of love and we are equipped to glorify God on earth.


Church-in-the-City is all about raising industry and institutional giants across all spheres of life with our own DNA. We are committed to reducing the influence of wrong elements and replace with saints in the marketplace. Powerful, righteous men and women who are not afraid to take their God-given talent into the workplace. People ready to further His purposes, while impacting those who are lost in darkness.


This dimension of the ministry is primed to deliver the undiluted word of truth in forms that shows the continued relevancy of the Word today and its practicality to everyday life decisions of nations and netizens.