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Lessons From The Life of David – Dr. Delron Shirley

In 2004, Michelangelo’s famous sculpture, David, went through an extensive cleaning and restoration process in celebration of its five-hundredth birthday. Half a millennium of grime has been removed to once again reveal the majestic splendor with which the masterpiece sparkled when it was first placed in the Piazza Signoria in Florence, Italy. This famous marble statue has often been noted as a most perfect depiction of the human body. And we often think of its subject — the biblical David — as being perfect as well. However, the wonderful thing about the Bible is that it tells the truth — even about its greatest heroes. They are presented to us as uncovered as Michelangelo’s subject, with the only difference being that the Bible depicts its subjects with all their warts, mid-rib bulges, scars, and other defects. In Lessons from the Life of David, Bible teacher Delron Shirley explores both David’s triumphs and failures in order to find valuable lessons for our own lives for today.

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