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Learning Abba

Dead Sea Scroll - Isaiah Scroll

The Bible is an interesting literature, wouldn’t you agree? The world’s most extensive and expansive encyclopaedia of life. All-inclusive of the beginning, past, present, future and life hereafter. Imagine a cartographer, who charts out the world for instance, then he hands you the map, saying, ‘Now you can find your way around.’

But what the Bible does is much more than just giving directions and showing geographical locations. It teaches you how to communicate with the people, as well as how to relate with the elements of the territory you find yourself. Still, there is more. The Bible teaches you problem solving techniques, and how to manage difficult situations.

Still there is more. In fact it is more than a literature. It is a living composition of potent words that give life and create life. Still there’s more. It is a letter of proposal, a hope, a wish perhaps, but a promise for sure.  A letter from a Groom to his intended bride. A letter about an inheritance, a will and testament of a Father to a son.

Still there is more. The Bible is a personal profile. A biographical account of a King. An autobiography of a certain Sovereign. The memoirs of a legendary Dad to his descendants and his to generations unborn.

And today His children everywhere in the world have a copy of His memoirs; divulging it and ingesting it; in search of their own destinies. And why do we do this? We understand that what is written is alive and potent and that therein lies the light that guides us to learn about Abba.

We understand that above all else that His memoirs may provide – stories about people and places, there is the secret about knowing who He really is. And that very important bit is often missed because we frequently get carried away with the legends of His travels and His miracles.

So we must pause and regroup our thoughts, reprioritise our reason for studying the Bible. It mustn’t be done blindly or selfishly, nor done carelessly and worldly. We look into the Bible to learn His ways, His precepts, His commands. We look to know Abba.

Ephesians 1:17
I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. – NIV

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