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A deeper longing


Our want for things always seems to be insatiable. Our thirst for power never quenched. And our hunger for control and supremacy a monstrous gorge. It’s a little worrying, isn’t it?

How we never seem to want for less but more. We grapple, and we battle over first place, wanting to seize the next opportunity that presents itself. A tiring way to exist, don’t you agree?

Still as beastly as this nature presents itself, I like to think that it comes from a deeper longing, one we were not only created with but also created for. We are superior beings, designed for a greater purpose and a greater meaning than the one we are living.

You and I were designed to reach higher, to expand, to multiply. Still there is a deeper longing. One that has no end, no beginning. Just like our Father, having no beginning nor end. We’ve been created in His image. And our eternal purpose is to go in search of the unfathomable, impenetrable mystery of His will.

Our supposed ungovernable nature and frenzied pursuit of something bigger is coming from misplaced priorities. Unguarded focus. We need to realign our center. Why are we here? What were we meant to achieve here? What is our purpose here?

As we find answers to these questions, we begin to redefine the objects of our obsessions and cravings. And instead of making the focus of our telescope the trivial and momentary matters of the people next door, let us redirect the lens to the stars.

Psalms 42:1
As the deer pants after the water brooks, so my soul longs for you, Oh God. — from memory

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