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The Power of Prayer - The Citadel Global Community Church

The Power of Prayer


Why do people seek to know the horse power of an air conditioning unit before purchasing it? Is it not so that they can ascertain whether it can service the need of the space it would be used in? The same thing can be said of prayer; when we ask to know the power of prayer we are asking to know if we can bank on it.

With the poor ratio of prayers offered to prayers answered, many are likely to think that prayer is not worth it especially when compared to the ratio of dependence on money and human efforts to the result of such dependence. After all, even scriptures say money answers all things.

The Question now is this; can we bank on prayer especially in the face of the above ratios? Yes.

First, I must point out that the power of prayer cannot be measured by the turnover of answers to requests made. Just as much as the relevance of an air conditioning unit cannot be measured by the ratio of units bought to the units that actually work. Because there are several knockoffs out there. A better yardstick of measurement would be to find the ratio between authentic prayers and their results.

What I am saying here is this; you cannot measure the power of prayer until you know what prayer is. If not, you will measure prayer along with other knockoffs and think you have been measuring actual prayers.

Prayer is not a religious activity as many suppose. In the context of our relationship with Christ prayer is a communication tool, but in the context of the Kingdom, prayer is our legal defence. With this said, you’ll agree with me that in the context of a relationship, the power of any communication is not eloquence but love. And in the context of a kingdom, the power of a legal defence is precedence in the law. In the kingdom, legal precedence is the promise of scripture. This and the love of God in Christ Jesus is the power of prayer.

You be the judge. Can we bank on the promises of scripture and on the love of God when we pray?

-Adams Allison



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