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Senate and Church Council

Our strategic intent is to establish corporate values that must be translated into transformational behaviours relevant to each person within our community. Our collective purpose of making fruitful disciples drives and determines our internal configuration and enhances the achievement of the vision of the local assembly.


The primary responsibility of the Senate is to ensure that the church is not just growing but healthy. Every leader appointed to represent any group at the Senate must be 30 years and above, and he/she is expected to serve or lead and labour in doctrine as we drive effective discipleship with the support of the two deputies.

The leaders at the Senate are serving elders who must apply great wisdom and maturity in administering the affairs of the Senate (Acts 5 v 21). Joseph managed the affairs of Egypt and was raised to teach the senators wisdom (Ps 105 v 22). Jesus started his ministry at the age of 30 and was wisdom personified.

The presiding officers of the Senate will be the Senate President, the Deputy Senate President and the Secretary. They will be saddled with the day-to-day administration and the Senate President will represent the Senate at the Management Team.


churchcouncil1We like to continually emphasize that as a visionary church, we are big enough to serve all our current and future members and small enough to know each one of them. But just as you have attached to every big ship, the small lifeboats, so also by design we have put in place warm cozy church-in-the-house centers, the core leadership of which formulates our CHURCH COUNCIL, and in turn saddled with the responsibility of church growth both spiritual and numerical.

The Church Council (Church-in-the-house) is designed to break heterogeneous units into homogeneous ones and to minister to saints at the local level. The departments and group fellowships facilitate the identification, development and deployment of talents within our community and ultimately prepare a viable workforce to impact the marketplace.