International Centre for Reconstruction and Development (ICRD)


The International Center for Reconstruction and Development, ICRD, was founded in 2007 by Pastor Tunde Bakare. (ICRD) is a non-governmental organization poised to become a foremost Africa-based think-tank committed to re-engineering the social, economic and political landscapes of Nigeria in particular and West Africa by extension. Towards achieving its vision, the not-for-profit facilitates policy re-engineering for development through programmes-based research and advocacy. As a forward-looking organization, ICRD is driven by innovation and professional excellence and guided by integrity, empathy and selfless service.

Since inception, ICRD has served as a platform for social, economic and political dialogues towards national development. In the past five years, it has pioneered strategic intervention programmes in the public education system in Lagos State. It currently serves as project consultant for the education outreach of the Latter Rain Assembly.

In addition to education, key areas pertinent to ICRD’s current direct intervention and knowledge mining strategies include the creative industries and local governance.

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