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Frontpage Welcome Message

Welcome to the Year 2023, “Our Creative Turnaround Year”

Welcome to the Citadel Global Community Church where stars are born and great futures are created.

Welcome to the home of conscientious and consummate nation builders whose hearts are open to the plans of the Holy Spirit and in whose lives all things godly are possible because they choose to win by righteousness.

Many believers have only caught a glimpse of what God’s Grace can produce in a man’s life. It is my prayer for you that God will broaden our perspective of His love toward you in this season, as we begin to function by His grace.

It is my sincere prayer for you that In 2023 Our Creative Turnaround year, the Good Lord will endorse you. He will support and assist you, He will make things easier for you. He will provide you with advantages, show you special privileges and feature you in Prominent Places in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

In 2023 and beyond, make God’s business your business. Win a soul for Him daily! That way, God Himself will make your business, His business.

We look forward to welcoming you and fellowshipping with you!

Pastor and Mrs. ‘Tunde Bakare

The Citadel Global Community Church
(Formerly known as The Latter Rain Assembly)