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686 Fellowship

The 686 Fellowship was set up to minister to single adults who are 35 years and above and either: a) yet to be married/single parent b) divorced/separated and c) widow/widower. 686 was taken from Psalm 68:6 (New King James) “God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.”


1. Getting everyone on the 686 fellowship (single never married, widows/widowers, divorced, separated, single parents) 35 years and above who is able, willing and ready to enter into marriage or be engaged within the Latter Rain calendar year of 2013/2014.
2. Bringing everyone who fall into the 686 fellowship to be part of the fellowship.
3. In line with the focus of the church for the year 2013 (relational evangelism). Evangelizing our individual environments of the same category of people like us.


1. Ensuring our monthly meetings and quarterly vigils.
2. Seminar / talks on issues that relates to the 686 fellowship.
3. Inviting guests who have the capacity to impart and encourage members.
4. Outdoor outing inform of picnics, love feast, camp meetings etc.
5. Outreaches organizing and inviting people of like needs who we relate with in our individual work places.
6. Drama play-lets to create awareness of this fellowship.
7. In reach of first timer.