Vacancy: People, Culture and Change Manager

If you are interested in the following position and your academic qualifications, core experience, and capabilities are an excellent fit for the role, please email your cv and an application letter telling us why you are an ideal fit for the position to

The application window will close on Monday, the 26th of June 2022

Job Title: People, Culture & Change Manager
Job Level: Manager/Supervisor 
Reports To:Serving Overseer
Direct Reports: People & Change Officer; Office Coordinator; Guest Relations Officers
Interfaces With: ICT Manager, Resources & Facilities Manager, Business Manager, Finance and Accounts Manager, Internal & External Training & Other People HR & People Management Solutions Providers, the CGCC Employee Population
Mode Of Work: Full Time; Hybrid 
Position Purpose:The People, Culture and Change Manager leads the team in developing and implementing leading human resource management strategies, supporting employee competency development, engagement and retention, and driving organizational change across the key focus areas of the CGCC’s core values competencies.

 Role Responsibilities & Accountabilities 

Strategy, Policy & Procedure Development: In collaboration with leadership, designs Human Resources, Culture and Change Management objectives, strategies, processes, policies, and procedures aligned with the CGCC operating philosophy, propelling forces, objectives and strategy. Continuously reviews strategies and policies to ensure continuous relevance and impact. Identifies issue areas and escalates to manager as required. 

Culture & Change Management: Responsible for establishing and leading the continued development of organizational culture initiatives and staff engagement strategies. Supports and advises CGCC leadership on organizational change management, providing advice and support to the wider organization. Contribute to the development of a robust culture through role modeling the CGCC’s values. 

People Management: Drives employee engagement, development, and performance by developing, recommending and implementing programs and initiatives that support employee performance optimization. 

Workforce Planning & Recruitment: Forecasts employee headcount across the organization based on the CGCC’s strategy, develops and optimizes processes to attract, hire and on-board highly competent employees aligned with the CGCC values and competency requirements. 

Competency Model Management: Ensures the CGCC Competency Model continuously support all aspects of the CGCC employee life cycle (recruitment, on boarding, learning and development, compensation and rewards, career growth, engagement and retention, leadership, succession and exit management). Engages with leadership and employees to ensure all competencies critical to supporting employee success are accurately captured and defined. 

Employee Competency Gap Identification & Resolution: Collaborates with employees, their Managers and Supervisors to identify employee performance issues and competency gaps; recommends appropriate interventions to address gaps. Supports employee development through designing organization wide, needs aligned learning and development interventions including but not limited to formal training programs. Identifies, recommends and manages relationships with internal and external training specialists. Designs organization wide training curricula. 

People Analytics: Designs and leads research and diagnostics initiatives (e.g. annual employee engagement survey and exit interviews), to maximize the engagement of all employees and build organizational commitment to the desired culture and the behaviors which drive this culture. 

Career Management: Oversees the development of careers, support Managers/Supervisors in setting performance metrics, evaluating performance; helping employees to experience productive careers within the CGCC 

Performance Management: Manages all activities related to the performance management cycle including performance framework and tools review and design; communication, sensitization and monitoring of the process to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to the CGCC. 

Knowledge Database Establishment & Management: Drives organization’s processes for sharing best practice, tools and ongoing communication activities for performance improvement. Establishes and disseminates guidelines and manuals to serve as reference documents for all organization activities. 

Compensation Equity Management: Support external compensation equity through benchmarking the CGCC compensation strategy and structure with agreed peer comparators. Ensure internal pay equity by ensuring jobs are appropriately valued (leveled, graded) and advise on strategies and practices for equity in compensation, benefits and rewards across the organization. 

Employee Grievance Management: Advise leadership on all employment relations matters, managing grievance and misconduct claims in accordance with policy and legislation, including end to end investigations, and liaise with representative bodies as required. 

Team Management: Manages, motivates, and evaluates the performance of all employees in area of operations, ensuring employees are primed to provide best in class customer service. 

• Any other duties as assigned by the Manager. 

Key Performance Indicators 

Operating Efficiency: Turnaround Time (e.g., Time to Hire, Performance Cycle Turnaround Time, Time to implement / Complete Initiatives/Targeted Time) 

Internal Customer Satisfaction Levels: As measured by Employee Engagement Survey Score, Percentage Employee Attrition Per Period, Quality of Advice to Leadership 

Quality of Advice to Leadership: Quality and effectiveness of human performance and organizational effectiveness improvement interventions 

Overall Workforce Quality: Quality of Hire as measured by Employee Performance Levels 

Quality of Programs, Plans and Interventions: Effectiveness of business continuity/succession management plans as measured by level of organizational disruptions 

Quality of Training Programs: Effectiveness of training as determined from training surveys and employee performance 

Cost Effectiveness: Cost effectiveness of solutions deployed as measured by achievement of targeted outcomes 
Minimum Educational & Professional Requirements 

• A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University. 

• Seven years of demonstrable managerial level experience experience in Human Resources, Culture and Change Management; including three years of managerial level experience. 
Key Competency Requirements 

• Demonstrable alignment with the CGCC core, organizational values. 

• Strong leadership capabilities 

• An effective communicator; excellent relationship management skills 

• Possesses high levels of emotional intelligence 

• Ability to navigate complexity; possesses excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills 

• A thorough understanding of the intersection of HR and strategy, people, organization culture and change management 

• Demonstrated experience and competence in designing, establishing, and maintaining Human Resources Management Frameworks 

• Demonstrated experience in driving organizational change and culture initiatives 

• Ability to align HRM, Change and Culture strategy, policies, and procedures to the CGCC Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy & Set Goal 

• Ability to work with (develop, extrapolate, and interpret) data, develop insights and recommend solutions 

• Ability to motivate and empower optimal team member performance 

• Highly proficient in MS Office and Web based communication applications 
Our Core Values: We Demonstrate Compassion, Engage Intelligently, Lead with Influence, are Accurate in Judgement & Act Responsibly 
Our Organizational Competencies: We Build Community and Trust and Collaborate Effectively to Deliver Impact and Stay Relevant. We are Adept at Issue Identification & Resolution and Have a Governance Mindset 

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