Vacancy: Business Manager

If you are interested in the following position and your academic qualifications, core experience, and capabilities are an excellent fit for the role, please email your cv and an application letter telling us why you are an ideal fit for the position to

The application window will close on Monday, the 26th of June 2022

Job Title: Business Manager 
Job Level: Manager/Supervisor 
Reports To:Pastor Planning & Operations 
Direct Reports: Café Officer; Books and Media Officer
Interfaces With: Finance & Accounts Manager, Facilities Manager, Information and Communications Manager, 
People & Change Manager, Outsourced Partners, Business Customers, Vendors
Mode Of Work: Full Time; Hybrid 
Position Purpose:The Business Manager Responsible for overseeing, improving, and optimizing the performance of the Citadel Holding businesses (Bookstore, Café, Events)

 Role Responsibilities & Accountabilities 

Strategy, Policy & Procedure Development: In collaboration with leadership, craft and implement the organization’s facilities and resources management objectives and strategy, and policies aligned with the CGCC Corp vision, mission, operating philosophy, objectives, and strategy. Continuously reviews strategies and policies to ensure continuous relevance and impact. Identifies issue areas and escalates to manager as required. 

Vendor & Purchasing Management: Responsible for effective vendor identification, vendor engagement, purchases, and relationship management. Ensures compliance with approved vendor list. 

Quality Control: Reviews and confirms quality of goods and services provided by approved vendors; Ensures good received comply with sanitation, hygiene, health and safety legislation, organizational and quality requirements and working policies and procedures. Works with HSE Officer to ensure compliance of operating environment with legislation and organizational HSE policies. Identifies and resolves issues/ escalates to manager. 

Budget Preparation: Manages the budget preparation process of assigned areas of operations including but not limited to sales projections, data and expense analysis and other relevant information. 

Sales Management: Accurately forecasts consumer demand, ensuring adequacy of inventory. Generates purchase orders, receives purchased goods, recommends appropriate price mark-ups/ markdowns as per subsisting policies. Effectively manage POS and sales operations interface. 

Inventory Management: Maintain safety, completeness, and accuracy of inventory; execute continuous periodic physical inventory and cycle counts. Analyze discrepancies, conduct root cause analysis, and adjust process, system and/or policies and procedures accordingly. 

Store Management: Supervise all store opening and closing procedures daily; effect the daily closeout process of cash registers and prepare daily bank deposits. 

Customer Service: Ensures employee provide best in class customer service to customers and partners. Establishes and maintains a customer feedback mechanism to support speedy resolution of issues/complaints. 

Outsourced Partnership Management/Liaison: Interfaces with outsourced partners; managing relationships effectively, identifying and resolving issues, and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of partnership contracts and agreements. 

Team Management: Manages, motivates, and evaluates the performance of all employees in area of operations, ensuring employees are primed to provide best in class customer service. 

• Any other duties as assigned by the Manager. 
Key Performance Indicators 

Quality of Service: Number of customer complaints per period; Number of unresolved customer complaints in a specified period. 

Revenue Generation: Percentage sales growth in a specified time period. 

Operating Efficiency: Total Operating Expense/Net Sales Percent 

Inventory Accuracy: Number of Items Currently in Stock/ Number by the Stock Count on Record (Percent)
Minimum Educational & Professional Requirements 

• A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University. 

• Seven years of demonstrable experience in retail, hospitality, marketing, and sales or customer service; including three years in a managerial capacity.
Key Competency Requirements 

• Demonstrable alignment with the CGCC core, organizational values. 

• Strong leadership capabilities 

• An effective communicator; excellent relationship management skills 

• Ability to navigate complexity; possesses strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills 

• An intra and entrepreneurial mindset 

• Effective Negotiation Skills 

• Demonstrated experience in budget, sales, forecasting, cash flow management 

• Ability to motivate and empower optimal team member performance 

• Highly proficient in MS Office and Web based communication applications 
Our Core Values: We Demonstrate Compassion, Engage Intelligently, Lead with Influence, are Accurate in Judgement & Act Responsibly 
Our Organizational Competencies: We Build Community and Trust and Collaborate Effectively to Deliver Impact and Stay Relevant. We are Adept at Issue Identification & Resolution and Have a Governance Mindset 

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