Daily Confessions of Faith for Access to The River and The Tree of Life

Before you set your goals for this year and even the years to come, determine your values. Just as your gifts dictate your potential, your character determines your legacy. Your accomplishments may make your name known but your character will determine what people associate with that name. Success does not make anything easier, it just raises the stakes. The day will come, as you advance in life when “progress” will call for compromising your convictions. What hangs in the balance at that moment is your moral authority.

There are two major enemies of purpose, namely distraction and misdirection. In addition to those two in 2018, you need to watch out for fatal attractions. That was the enemy that killed Amnon, the 1 st son of David. His name means “faithful and true” but his fatal attraction to Tamar whose name means “Palm Tree” led to his demise. In your moments of prayer and intercession, pray and intercede against these subtle enemies [Proverbs 2: 1 – 7(see Vs.7 in NIV); 8 – 22]. Rather than falling victim of fatal attractions, distractions and misdirection, detoxify yourself from the pollution by meditating on our Daily Confession of Faith for Access to The River and Tree of life.

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